Author Topic: Why use us over others ?  (Read 7398 times)

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Why use us over others ?
« on: September 27, 2017, 08:52:40 AM »
The question have been asked, why should you use us over or ?

Well we all know that those sites have been there for years, but do they really do a better job ?

Sites like those have a limited amount of websites to search hotels from because they need to make deals with every hotel website before they can list it and earn money from every sale, but so do we, but the difference is that we are part of something bigger which is a network of a lot of hotel websites, but we only earn a small % of each sale but we can list even more websites then and

We do list websites like on our website when the case is they are cheaper on the searched locations.


Other things is that we do not store any personal data with our cookies on the website, only data we really collect is location data so we can eg. find the closes airport for you to fly from.


We have the biggest collection of airlines on any website, we are working with 728 different airlines from around the world so you can always find the cheapest price on your air tickets to any location in the world. We also allow you to search multible flights at one time so you can easy plan your flights if you have to fly to different locations on the same day or over the week.

Future Plans

We have big plans for our search engine which we belive is the biggest one in the world within its area. We have plans to have Train tickets so you also can get train tickets when you travel and car rentals to make it easy for you to rent cars before you go on your vacation so you can get your car in the airport.

If you have questions about what we want to or anything just ask them below.